What areas do you service?
We service all of Utah!

How does this whole process work?
1 – You give us a call. We come to your house for a FREE consultation. At this time, we will go over the FAQ with you and answer any additional questions you may have. If you would like to proceed with your FREE estimate and customized design specific to your home, we schedule that for you.
2 – At your FREE estimate, we will gather some data about where the panels will go on your roof, how they will be positioned, how many, etc. We will be able to give you an approximate bid. We will design a layout specific to your roof. We will be able to tell you how much you’ll save and how many watts your solar panels will bring in.
3 – After you sign the bid contract and a couple other papers, it’s time for us to get started! We will install all of the panels and inverters. We will get it all set up for you and show you how to make sure they’re working and what to do when it’s not.

How do I know if my house/business is right for solar panels?
Great question! We like to put the panels on the part of your house/business that faces south. We can move it a bit to be in the south east or south west direction. It also depends on how much electricity and how much you pay a month. Feel free to give us a call and we can help you figure everything out!

Can panels go on the front of my house/business?
Most definitely, but it’s up to you if you’ll want them to be visible (as opposed to the backside where not many will see them). The panels themselves are black and so are the frames. We will design a layout that compliments the look of your home/business.

What incentives are there for installing solar panels on my home/business?
The incentives for investing in Solar power are HUGE right now! On your tax return, you can get up to $2000 credit with the residential solar tax credit. In the state of Utah, you can also get a 30% tax credit from the federal government for residential and commercial solar investments. As an added benefit, there is also a Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit of 10%.
Businesses also get the benefit of depreciating the solar panels on their taxes.
So to sum this up, businesses get the 30% Federal Tax Credit, 30% Tax Depreciation and 10% State Tax Credit up to $50000. Should we add that up? That’s 70% off with all of the amazing tax benefits that you receive when you install Solar on your business!!

How do solar panels work?
The solar panels on your roof convert the sunlight to a direct current (DC). Then the inverters convert the DC electricity into alternating current (AC). Next, the meter monitors the system production and now the energy is ready for you to use!

If the power goes out, will my home/business still be powered by pulling from the grid?
Unfortunately, no. When the power goes it, so will the grid. This is actually a good thing because it is a safety hazard to have power running through a bunch of grids while the power company is working to restore the lines. It is always recommended to have a generator, should this ever occur.

Will my solar panels still work when it’s snowing/cloudy/rainy outside?
You bet they will! Utah averages a little more than 5 hours a day of solar radiation. The average includes those bad weather days.

How much maintenance do solar panels require?
There is very little to no maintenance. We service all of our work on top of the manufacturers warranty.The app that you download should provide peace of mind for you and ensure that all of your panels are working properly.

I think I need a new roof or some roof repairs. Is it still possible for me to have a Solar Panel System installed?
Yes it is still possible, but only after the roof has been repaired. Here is where DH Electric, Inc. will take care of you once again. We will actually get your roof redone and/or repaired and include it in the cost of your system. This is a HUGE benefit because you will receive the 30% tax credit and the state tax credit on the entire price (solar + roof) instead of just the solar. Having the panels installed will help actually help preserve your roof because it acts as a barrier.

How does net metering work?
The meter allows your power company to store your energy. As watts of electricity are produced, the meter will spin backwards, which allows you to use energy “from the grid” while you’re using electricity at night.

Does having Solar increase the value of my house?
Yes! Most definitely. If you sell your home with solar, it should be included in your appraisal value. On top of that, Solar is property tax exempt.

Solar panels are pricy. Is now really the right time for me to install?
Yes! The technology is constantly developing and is actually quite affordable, versus what it used to be. Plus, each year, your power bill goes up – little by little. The tax incentives that are available right now will not last forever. Many of them do have an expiration date within the next few years. The time is now!

How long will it take for my solar panels to pay for themselves?
When we give you your FREE estimate, we will be able to give you an accurate time frame of how long it will take for you to see your money back.

At DH Electric, Inc., we do it all! We are certified electricians, which are required on the job to hook everything up. We service and warranty our work.

If you would like to speak to someone directly, please give Donny or Jourdan a call.

Donny (435-979-9381)
Jourdan (435-201-4444)